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About Scott.

Work journey & experience...

Mid-way through a young and successful career as an Engineering Project Manager, Scott had an itch. He realised that he wanted to seek out a new adventure and do something with his passion for sport and fitness.


Over the past 5 years in his spare time, he has completed a Certificate III and IV in Fitness & Personal Training, followed by a CrossFit Level 1 and now is a Professional Coach as part of the ASCA Level 1 Coaching accreditation. He has also worked extensively in the fitness industry during this time, being a Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness Newcastle, CrossFit Coach at The Coalface Gym, and as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for elite-minded Aussie Rules players.


Now in the Southern Gold Coast, Scott is embarking full-time in Coaching, with opportunities at Pacific Coast School and with Athletes looking for an edge already filling up his limited time.​


Why is Scott & OVERFLOW FITNESS different from others? 

The heart of OVERFLOW is to provide the best AFL Strength & Conditioning coaching possible, but with a heart and mind for using this platform to bless and empower others.


Scott has a passion for enabling his Athletes in their football and sporting endeavours, whatever journey stage they're at, but with a twist... to show them that they can use their love for sport and fitness for more than just themselves.


Our world needs a bit more love, kindness, generosity and grace, and to get fit and help at the same time is Scott's idea of a truly winning combination! Check out the video below to know more!




ASCA Level 1 Coach

A must-have for any S&C Coach. An S&C coach looks beyond a PT and into the sports world. With Off-season, pre-season, in-season programming, coaching and mindset that helps sports athletes get the best periodised programming and approach to reduce injury and maximise performance on the field.


CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Scott personally thinks this was the most formative and high quality coaching accreditation. Teaching strict and high standard form and programming methodology and intent, Scott believes a CFL1 is highly important in being a good S&C Coach.


Certificate III & IV in Fitness

A Certificate III & IV is a great building block for training and coaching knowledge and understanding. Teaching sound fundamentals, anatomy, and great business skills for PT's this is a great and important qualification.





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